Norquest Brands Private Limited. We're a modest little company in India that makes and ships bags to editing-service customers all over the world. Norquest makes bags for some of the leading bag brands in UK, US and Australia.

Kohl by Norquest is a beautiful range of tote bags designed by three young designers specially for Norquest. 10 years of expertise of making bags for some of the most discerning customers across the world has gone into making Kohl bags.

Our statement of Ethics: We are very clear on a few things.

We exist only because of our customers. Our job is to give them the service and value they desire in the most efficient and courteous manner possible.

Norquest is an ethically certified factory. Following laws relating to child labor and fair wages is only the beginning. It is our job to help them reach their aspirations. In doing so, we not only seek to be able to run our business better but also to achieve our own aspirations of being good and decent human beings who wish to leave our world a better place than we started with.

We recognize that the community we live in is as important a stakeholder as any other and that it is our duty to be the best corporate citizens we possibly can. We always ensure that we never bend laws in the interests of expediency and never do anything that we would have to carry on our conscience.

The founders and owners of this buy essay now business are clear that we are doing this to build a respected institution that we can feel proud of, so we will never undertake any business that strikes us as being unethical or even mildly shady.


At Norquest we have been producing fine quality bags and accessories for over 10 years now. We started off by offering an economical and environmentally sustainable promotional product range and soon included value added services for retail collections world over.

It’s been an incredible journey of discovery and learning and it carries on even today.

A dream project for the Late Rajiv Badlani was to share this storehouse of knowledge and experience with the world in a style befitting us. This dream was to create a range of good quality, luxurious, fashionable products and accessories at affordable prices. To keep the journey going and to play to our strengths, we at Norquest, would like to start this dream project with a natural extension of ourselves – bags.

Fashion need not be expensive, it need not be unattainable, it in fact must be something that we can all aspire to and own with comfort.

What is the one adornment a woman can use and completely transform herself? What is that one thing that adds mystery to a woman; that brings out her sensuality? What is it that can make a woman feel beautiful, sexy even? What can do so much and yet be so basic, so affordable, that no matter how rich or poor a woman is, she can rely on just this – This is kohl.

Kohl is an ancient cosmetic, said to have protective and soothing powers. It’s been used around the eyes for centuries. The eyes are a woman’s beauty, a mirror to her soul. Our eye holds a reflection of a lotus. The lotus is a symbol of purity and attribute; it is also what “Rajiv” means. The leaves that create the flower are also the leaves that are Norquest’s identity.

Put together these four elements become KOHL.

“The Wanton, though she knows its danger / must needs smear Kohl about her eyes / and catch the attention of a stranger / with drawn-out, hoarse, erotic sighs.”

- Edward Gorey